Omar Souleymon Pledges to Help Syrian Refugees


The Syrian-born musician has issued a statement committing himself to helping those fleeing the current crisis in the country, dedicating all of his shows in the immediate future to the cause of the refugees’ safe travels:

Began in March 2013 at SXSW with a little help from many friends, all future Omar Souleyman shows dedicate to help Syrian people fleeing to a better life elsewhere. Omar Souleyman is a refugee himself, but not an exilee, alone providing for a family of thirty. Together with all willing promoters of his shows he conspires to raise funds to aid the refugees in flight from Syrian situation.

We are working with a number of charities but focusing on those directly providing urgent medical care to those in need during their long, difficult and dangerous passage to a life they dream of.

Syria was heaven on earth to all of us not so long ago and there is no reason it shouldn’t be the same way again soon. In this small meantime we all must help each other as much as we can and point the world to history and understanding the true cause of all the suffering that happens now.

Watch the amazing (on many levels) video for his single “Warni Warni” below.

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