How Sparks Got on Billboards


Sparks’s Russell Mael spoke with LA Record about teaming up with Franz Ferdinand for the project FFS, collaboration, and what it’s like to find yourself on highway billboards after a career spent inventing what it means to “troll pop culture”:

Creatively, Sparks and what we’re doing-what we have been doing up until this album-we really feel we’ve done special stuff and special music that is not attempting to work within the system, and we’re proud of that. We’re doing things that are outside of, ‘Well, what’s the chart position?’ So when a project like FFS comes along and you not only don’t make any concessions to wanting it to be fitting in-in any way-and you also have the support of a company that thinks, ‘Well, this should be the norm rather than everything else’ … it is satisfying.

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