“Hello”: An Adele News Roundup


Since the release of 25, Adele has—unsurprisingly—dominated music news. The singer has been breaking records all month. First her single “Hello” smashed record views on Youtube and, at release, the album sold over 900,000 copies on iTunes in its first day, and 2.5 million in its first week. Billboard projects the sales of 25 to break 4 million by Christmas this year.

And while her single is streaming on Youtube and other services, Adele has announced she won’t be streaming the whole album, so you’ll need to download or buy a physical copy to hear the whole thing.

She performed on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, as well as held an intimate and exclusive performance at Joe’s Pub in NYC. Before all that, she appeared in a skit for her BBC special where she auditioned as an Adele impersonator named Jenny—and, oh, it’s absolutely brilliant. Watch the video below:

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