Tragedy at Feels Show


A man was tragically killed during a show in Santa Ana last week that LA’s Feels were headlining; in an attempt to restrain a man who was reportedly using the mosh pit as an excuse to perpetrate violence, twenty-three-year-old Nathan Joe Alfaro was stabbed to death. Feels responded to the tragedy with respect for the deceased, and a plea that everyone remember the spirit of camaraderie that should rule the pit and concert-going in general:

Thank you to the Nathan who gave up his life last night to try to keep the one totally psycho violent moshing guy in check… Let’s all take something forward from this… If you’re at a show and you clock someone sketchy who’s just out to hurt other people—just driven by violence and not music—head straight for the bouncer. Don’t get us wrong, we love mosh pits. Slamming into other people can be the most fun liberating thing in the world, and yeah sometimes people get hurt—but it should NEVER be intentional. If someone falls you pick them up—there’s an unspoken camaraderie in the pit. Fuck anyone who acts otherwise. Fuck this insane violence. We are sick with the understanding that this happened before our eyes.

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