Song of the Day: “Hey, No Pressure”


Anything you want your life to mean
It can mean
Hey no pressure

…Ray LaMontagne sings on his gritty, head-nodding new single, “Hey, No Pressure,” a track that fully embraces the strains of Jimi Hendrix and psychedelia that rose to the surface in times past like bubbles in a heady elixir. The album on which it appears, Ourobouros, came to the artist in “a very, very vivid dream,” LaMontagne says. Ouroborous—a reference to the ancient symbol for unity or rebirth, represented by a snake eating its own tail—is partially a continuance of his earlier work, but it’s also a departure in that we can hear the distinct mark of producer Jim James, who has practically reached legendary status among modern rock fans for his music with My Morning Jacket. The collaboration is fortuitous and electric.

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