Fifteen Theories on Boys Don’t Cry


Between the mysterious live stream on Ocean’s website and the release date that came and went, no one is really sure what Frank Ocean has planned for his new album Boys Don’t Cry. But the good people at okayplayer. have some the thoughts:

[W]e got the team together and had countless meetings, contemplated deeply, we’ve solved complex mathematical equations, consulted astrophysicists, prayed, cried, laughed, loved, ate, lived, played Channel Orange backwards at exactly 87 BPM (1987 was the year Ocean was born) and compiled the 15 best theories as to what is going on with Frank Ocean, his alleged, and I stress alleged, album, and that carpentry over ambient music live-stream situation on his website.

So grab your tinfoil hat and check out “What Is Going On With Frank Ocean’s Livestream? Our 15 Best Theories So Far” while we all wait for this “album” to drop.

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