This Week in Posivibes: WWINGS


The Russian trio’s self-proclaimed “disturbing and depressive” apocalyptic electronic music has hit an incredible, eerie place with PHOENIXXX, one of their seven (!) releases from 2016. Members Lit Daw, Lit Eyne, and Lit Internet met via the web, beginning their collaboration over an encrypted messaging service to evade the censorship of the post-Soviet russian landscape that their music explores so masterfully. Of their subject matter, Lit Daw told VICE’s thump:

…for us, mostly we just express our own feelings, ‘cuz we are from Russia/Ukraine. Even strong political figures can’t fix what’s wrong here, so how we can do it thru music? We can only express anxious vibes—we see no future for Russia or Ukraine.

Or, in the interviewer’s words:

Instead of using their art to convey a message, WWWINGS music relays an experience—using unsettling compositions as a vehicle to replicate how it feels to live inside the unsavory social and cultural environments where our artists feel trapped.

Released via Planet Mu for both digital download and vinyl, PHOENIXXX is one of those rare albums where the sound landscape vernacular really makes sense. Check out songs from the album and from other WWWINGS releases here and buy the record here.

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