A Memoir of NYC Hardcore


Harley Flanagan, infamous bassist of the Cro-Mags, has written a memoir set to be released on September 27 via Feral HouseHard-Core: Life of My Own chronicles Flanagan’s life as a punk drummer from pre-pubescence through his seminal contribution to NYC’s 1980s hardcore scene. Of punk and hardcore then and now, Flanagan told VICE:

I never felt in awe of anyone. That was not what punk was about. I was in awe of some performances I saw—The Clash at the Palladium, Bad Brains, so many other great bands—but I was a punk. Punk was by the people, for the people. The bands and the fans were the same people, that’s what made punk different. But no, I didn’t think it would go “mainstream.” Do I care? No, ’cause it’s over for me. I still listen to the music, but scenes and genres are for kids. I’m not a kid anymore. I still play what I play, and I still listen to what I listen to. I’m friends with who I’m friends with, but I’m not a part of any “scene.” I don’t need to be. Hardcore and punk will always be a part of me just based on my contributions to it.

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