The Copyright Saga Continues


A new copyright lawsuit has been initiated against Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson for their single “Uptown Funk.” Collage, a funk band out of Minneapolis, alleges that the hit rips the instrumentals of their 1983 song “Young Girls”:

Upon information and belief, many of the main instrumental attributes and themes of “Uptown Funk” are deliberately and clearly copied from “Young Girls,” including, but not limited to, the distinct funky specifically noted and timed consistent guitar riffs present throughout the compositions, virtually if not identical bass notes and sequence, rhythm, structure, crescendo of horns and synthesizers rendering the compositions almost indistinguishable if played over each other and strikingly similar if played in consecutively.

The songs are different in ultimate effect, but the instrumental parallels are readily evidenced. The claim also notes that Mars and Ronson have openly acknowledged that “Uptown Funk” was “influenced by early 1980s Minneapolis electro-funk soul music”—which pretty much describes Collage to a T. Listen to both songs after the jump.

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