This Week in Posivibes: Fire Walk With Me


In celebration of the prequel film’s 25th anniversary, Death Waltz is re-releasing the soundtrack to Fire Walk With Me. The score is much lesser known, and hard to come by, than the soundtrack to the Twin Peaks series that Death Waltz re-released last year.

Like the more famous recording, Fire Walk With Me’s soundtrack was composed by Angelo Badalamenti in close collaboration with David Lynch. Its sound is, in many ways, a continuation of the often ambient jazz that is so perfectly unsettling in the series. But it is also a great record in its own right. “While the score for the original series remains beautifully consistent, the companion soundtrack to Fire Walk With Me, like Lynch, is eclectically bizarre, humorous, and surprising,” says one reviewer, while in the liner notes, film critic Mark Kermode reflects how:

The simple truth is that, for years, too few people had heard the score because the film had been so widely, wrong-headedly dismissed. Today, Fire Walk With Me is recognized as a lost classic, and Badalamenti’s music is right at the heart of its reassessment. Having loved it from the outset (I gave the film a rare rave review on its first release), I remain utterly devoted to this superb soundtrack album, and to the shimmering visions which it still conjures up after more than two decades of delirious, devoted listening.

Featuring artwork and packaging by Sam Smith and Jay Shaw (and approved by David Lynch, of course), Fire Walk With Me will be released January 25th on “cherry pie” vinyl.

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