Song of the Day: “Let Me See That Ponytail Run”


The Defibulators are the rootsiest bluegrass outfit to come stomping out of Brooklyn, New York, in a long time—perhaps ever. Named by VICE Music as “Brooklyn’s kings of alt-country, minus the ‘alt,'” The Defibulators’ sound has been described as truckerpunk, Americana, citibillie… the list goes on. While their lightning-fast strings and country shuffle will draw the crowd to the dance floor, their dreamy ballad “Let Me See That Ponytail Run” combines artful songwriting with clever lyrics that flirt with an ironic self-awareness and show an intuitive sense of the musical history that influences their songs. Bug Jennings sings:

Someone tell me which world I’m in
I done gone dizzy from seekin’ sin
My will ain’t willin and my blood runs thin
And the end is a better place to begin

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