Album of the Week: The Flaming Lips’s Oczy Mlody


“When asked (about our newest album Oczy Mlody) what does your new stuff sound like..?? My current response has been that it sounds like Syd Barrett meets A$AP Rocky and they get trapped in a fairy tale from the future.” It’s Wayne Coyne himself, penning those words in the official press release for his Flaming Lips’s newest album, Oczy Mlody, out last Friday from Warner Bros. Records.

Oczy Mlody, inspired by Coyne’s “meditational” and “meaningless” reading of  book written in a language he couldn’t understand, is Polish for “eyes of the young,” but to the Oklahoma singers sounded “like Oxy (as in Oxycodone) Melody and, as my imagination ran away with it, also the name of a drug made in the future,” one that “uses your own sub-conscious memories and transports you to your perfect childhood happy mind.”

Once again joining forces with Miley Cyrus, the Flaming Lips return to the psychedelic yet melodic sound that marked their beginnings, without leaving their highly experimental approach behind—and have produced one of their best albums thus far. Watch three videos from the new album below.

Guia Cortassa was born, lives, and works in Milan, Italy. After working as a Contemporary Art curator, she went back to writing. She is a contributing editor for Ondarock and her writing has appeared on Rivista Studio, Flair and the Quietus. She compulsively tweets @gcmorvern. More from this author →