Make/Work Episode 38: Beth Pickens


Episode 38 of Make/Work begins the podcast’s second season. In Season 2 of Make/Work, host Scott Pinkmountain will speak with artists and activists about how they are responding to the new administration and the role that art and creativity can play in resistance. The show will seek to primarily amplify the voices and work of those being targeted and attacked by this administration.

Today, Scott speaks with Beth Pickens, an LA-based consultant for artists and arts organizations. Pickens’s background is in Counseling Psychology and she applies those skills to her work, specializing in supporting queer and trans artists, women, and artists of color.

After the election Pickens wrote the how-to guide—Making Art During Fascism—and started running a free weekly drop-in workshop at the Women’s Center for Creative Work in LA. The workshop recently finished up, but Pickens is expanding the pamphlet into a book, which will be published by The Feminist Press as part of the Feminist Survival Series that author Michelle Tea is editing.

We just have to accept activism is now our hobby. It’s just something we do with our friends.

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Photograph © Tammy Rae Carland.

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