Make/Work Episode 39: Dorian Wood


In Episode 39 of Make/Work, host Scott Pinkmountain speaks with musician, vocalist, and experimental performer Dorian Wood. Much of Wood’s music and performance is an intensely visceral celebration and embrace of the body, often his own, which he fearlessly exposes while rendering gorgeous and virtuosic melodies. The effect is a powerful and intimate expression of his singular beauty that simultaneously reveals the more universal beauty of each of us as individuals.

Pinkmountain and Wood discuss the impact of the election on a personal level and Wood’s reluctance to directly address political matters through his creative work. Wood points out bluntly that as a self-identified “overweight, queer person of color,” being singled out and antagonized by those in power is not exactly a new experience.

We have a white, heteronormative society that has made a mess of things for a very long time.

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Today’s ad-free show is in support of The Syrian American Medical Society. SAMS is a nonpolitical, nonprofit medical relief organization that is working on the front lines of crisis relief in Syria and neighboring countries to alleviate suffering and save lives. In 2015, SAMS provided some kind of medical services to over 2.6 million, mainly in Syria, but also in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. Donations to SAMS support doctors and health care workers at the organization’s 106 medical facilities.

In season 2 of Make/Work, Scott will speak with artists and activists about how they are responding to the new administration and the role that art and creativity can play in resistance. The show will seek to primarily amplify the voices and work of those being targeted and attacked by this administration.


Photograph © Pablo Almansa.

Scott Pinkmountain is a writer and musician living in California. He is the creator and host of The History Channeler comedy podcast and has written for This American Life, A Public Space, HTMLGIANT, and other publications. He has also released dozens of albums of both instrumental music and songs including the recent No Country Music. He can be found at More from this author →