Make/Work Episode 40: Kate Schatz


In Episode 40 of Make/Work, host Scott Pinkmountain speaks with writer and activist Kate Schatz, author of the New York Times bestselling Rad American Women A-to-Z and Rad Women Worldwide, which she did in collaboration with illustrator Miriam Klein Stahl. Schatz is also one of the founders of the nationwide feminist resistance network Solidarity Sundays, which she started with Leslie Dotson Van Every and Jennye Garibaldi, and which has grown from a house party back in early 2016 to over one hundred chapters with more than eighteen thousand Facebook members. Likely, you know her for both of those things.

With Schatz, it’s hard to separate her creative work from her political work. She’s of the mind that politics and creativity are intertwined even when the work is not overtly political.

Even if you consider your work “not political” you’re publishing, writing, and creating it in an incredibly unprecedented, politicized moment.

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In season 2 of Make/Work, Scott will speak with artists and activists about how they are responding to the new administration and the role that art and creativity can play in resistance. The show will seek to primarily amplify the voices and work of those being targeted and attacked by this administration.

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