Album of the Week: Annie Hart’s Impossible Accomplice


Au Revoir Simone is one of David Lynch’s favorite bands, and the trio scored a couple of appearances on Twin Peaks: The Return despite not having released any new music since 2013. Now, Annie Hart, singer, keyboardist, and bassist for the New York outfit, is debuting a solo album, Impossible Accomplice, out via Uninhabitable Mansions.

“All songs written & recorded & performed by Annie Hart in her basement, except drums and bass for ‘Hard To Be Still’ recorded at Fred Armisen’s apartment,” assert the album’s credits, also revealing that Hart’s been “sneaking sessions in while her children were sleeping.” The result is a great collection of synth songs, drawing inspiration from 80s pop and traditional singer/songwriter musicians: “Most of these songs are about love that I couldn’t have for some reason or another,” Hart told RIFF Magazine. She continued:

I just couldn’t have what I wanted at the time, and the person in question was just not happening although they seemed perfect. I think of “accomplice”… like someone to share life with, but also maybe get in trouble with. Now I see that these people were impossible accomplices due to life situations or character flaws, or that they treated me like garbage and I shouldn’t have been worshipping them in the first place.

Watch the video for “Hard to Be Still” below!

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