This Week in Essays


“Ask a woman. She’ll do it.” For VIDA, Carley Moore takes an incisive look at the economy of free emotional labor that women are frequently drawn into.

Here at The Rumpus, Marcos Santiago Gonsalez looks at what gets chosen for publication by literary gatekeepers, and what this truly reflects about subjectivity and representation.

Sometimes you can’t go home again because it’s home that’s changed, not you. At Catapult, Sarah Stankorb takes a thoughtful look at the transformation of her Ohio hometown.

For Hazlitt, Chantal Braganza reflects on the ways fermented foods feed us and forgive us.

Back at The Rumpus, Luna Adler exaggerates the truth maybe just a smidge for the sake of storytelling.

Are easy-listening playlists destroying the music industry? For The Baffler, Liz Pelly looks at how Spotify just might deal the last blow.


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