The Rumpus Top 15 of 2017


With only two days left till we can kiss 2017 buh-bye forever, we’ve tallied up the traffic, crunched the numbers, and had a few drinks (it’s Friday!). Without further ado, below are the fifteen most-read Rumpus posts of the year.

  1. “Hooter’s Chicken” by Lizz Huerta
  2. “Not Your Auntie” by Stacie Evans
  3. “Libraries Are the Real Punk Rock” by Zoe Fisher
  4. “I Choose My Pearls: On Feminism, Fashion, and Disneyland” by Tabitha Blankenbiller
  5. “What to Do with My Body in the Event I Die in a Mass Shooting” by Tom McAllister
  6. “Rumpus Original Fiction: My Name is Jean Pierre and I Am Still an End Table” by Dana Schwartz
  7. “Mixed Feelings: Why Do Men Always Want to Settle Down” by Mandy Catron
  8. “What to Read When It’s Been a Hell of a Year” by Claire Vaye Watkins
  9. “The Rumpus Inaugural Poems: Eve L. Ewing” by Eve L. Ewing
  10. “Mixed Feelings: The Emotional Labor of Listening to Men Complain” Mandy Catron
  11. “The Rumpus Interview with George Saunders” by Kate Harloe
  12. “Call for Submissions: On Rape Culture, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence”
  13. “Susan Sarandon, ‘Bernie Bro’ Politics, and White Privilege” by Rebecca Bodenheimer
  14. “Understanding the Language of Female Breakups” by Hayley Krischer
  15. “Big Rumpus News!”


Not too shabby, if we do say so ourselves (and we do)! Here’s to all the amazing work we were privileged to publish this year, and all that we’ll be sharing with you in 2018. As ever, thank you for reading The Rumpus. We love you!