Album of the Week: Blood by Rhye


Blood is about what runs through our veins, it’s about life, it’s about caring. The past is in your blood, it’s about genetics, it’s about love, your heart. We use that analogy all the time because we feel things with our heart. I just realized after I made the record that I had referenced the word a lot. So it kind of made sense to call it Blood.

This is how Michael Milosh (known as Rhyeintroduces his sophomore album, Blood, out now via Caroline International/Loma Vista Recordings. An intense biographical record about love and life, Blood sheds some light upon the mysterious identity of its crafter, and consists of “a mosaic of emotive piano keys, physical percussion, buzzing analogue synths, and expansive vocals,” as its PR release announces. Rhye’s take on contemporary pop is a delicate mix of songwriting and R&B, with luscious melodies and sensual vocals that cross the boundaries of genres and genders.

Watch three videos from the new album below!

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