Album of the Week: Soccer Mommy’s Clean


Sophie Allison got her start in Nashville’s local DIY scene, going to shows and hanging out with other musicians, though she kept her own songwriting secret. “I’ve played music since I was six,” says Allison in her bio, “and I always wrote songs just for myself. I did it for fun, posting songs on Tumblr, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. I didn’t think anyone would notice.” in 2015, though, she began to upload her tracks online under the moniker Soccer Mommy. After great anticipation, she’s finally released her debut album, Clean, out now on Fat Possum records.

“Clean” is an emotional album, focused around themes of growth, isolation, and change. At twenty, Allison took her life experience out of the bedroom she used to write and record in, and out in the world, working with a full band in a studio while keeping her creative output in full control. The music gains clarity and power but loses none of the trademark intimacy of her Bandcamp work. “It still felt do-it-yourself,” she says. “It was like being in a nicer bedroom, with better quality stuff. It was a natural progression. I’d always wanted my music to sound this way, I just didn’t have the means before.”

Watch the video for “Your Dog,” a track off the new album, below:

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