This Week in Essays


“It consumes you, the inability to stand still.” Alicia Rebecca Myers perambulates through obsessions, anxieties, Moby Dick, and new motherhood for Entropy.

At The Offing, Shannon Barber, while negotiating ways to be in the world, finds out gender is fluid but skin color is not.

Here at The Rumpus, Marissa Korbel contemplates trash, our ways of forgetting, and the creative energy of sitting with what’s left behind.

“I understood that I was just one more C, one more report card barren of celebratory gold and silver stickers, from being a forfeiture on the America-immigrant contract.” For Longreads, Jabeen Akhtar molds herself into the stories people want to tell about her.

Lauren Elkin provides a thoughtful take on the latest crop of books about motherhood at the Paris Review.

“Are we going to erase them all? Where will we send them? What will they do next, this subclass of humanity idling in penitentiary limbo?” Back at The Rumpus, Leah Vincent looks to the necessary conversation of what comes after #MeToo.

At Catapult, Angela Chen reflects on her own childhood separation from her parents and the narrative that event built for her life.


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