Dan Weiss’s Farewell Coffee


Sad news my friends: after (very) briefly thinking we here at DWMC could make this work on a shortened schedule, it’s become very clear that due to new jobs and schedules it is time for this incarnation of Morning Coffee to come to an end. It has been an absolute pleasure being a part of The Rumpus over the last nearly ten years, and I’ll always be thankful to everyone I met along the way and most importantly everyone who ever read along and clicked a link to a story about a weird octopus or Soviet playground. Five million thanks to Stephen, Isaac, Lisa, Zoë, and Marisa for giving me this little corner of the site to myself. It’s a scary world out there but one filled with hope, excitement, joy, and cool scientific discoveries and midcentury architecture. Don’t forget to vote, don’t forget to have fun, don’t forget to make a difference, don’t forget to be good to each other.

Your Pal,
Dan Weiss

Dan Weiss is a professional bookseller, amateur dilettante. He writes and plays in the band The Yellow Dress. He firmly believes that everything is going to be okay. More from this author →