We Stand with the People


Dear readers,

We have been and will always be committed to the work of Black, PoC, women, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and all marginalized peoples. It is with a heavy heart that we have seen the current administration feign ignorance and shirk responsibility during a global pandemic. It is also that same administration that has been pivotal in normalizing abuses of power, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, and ableism.

At this very moment people have taken to the streets all across this nation and are making it abundantly clear: WE WILL NOT LET THIS CONTINUE!

But what was the spark that set these protests in motion? Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, George Floyd, and countless others are who people are marching for. They are marching against systemic racism that targeted the Black community for hundreds of years.

Silence is a form of complicity. You make a conscious choice when you do not speak up about the violences afflicted on your fellow human. You legitimize the harm that will be placed upon future generations with a “wait and see” approach. We will not be silent; we will not be complicit.

We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand with the grassroots organizations who have been doing and continue to do this hard work. WE STAND WITH THE PEOPLE.

We condemn white supremacy. We condemn systematic racism. We condemn patriarchal power structures that protect and support racists and white supremacists. We condemn the inaction of any and all people in the face of discrimination.

If you consider yourself an ally that means you are aware of your privilege. How will you use your privilege to dismantle oppressive structures until they no longer exist? How will you signal boost the voices of the oppressed and the marginalized? How will you educate yourself, integrate feedback from your dispossessed peers into your work, and unlearn the oppression you were taught growing up?

We appreciate your readership, and we would greatly appreciate your support in ending the hateful practice of anti-Blackness in all of its forms.

Thank you. This letter was created and published in conjunction with our friends at The Offing.

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If your publication stands with us and would like its name added to this letter, please email [email protected].


This is an invitation for solidarity. Solidarity isn’t just words, but deliberate and consistent action. The listed journals have made the decision to stand up and say they support the dismantling of systemic power structures that harm. Keep them honest. Email them when they don’t keep their word.

Tier 1: Sign the letter.

We invite publications to sign our solidarity statement indicating that we support, see, and affirm all Black lives.

Tier 2: Amplify monthly messages.

We aim to disseminate current information on equity initiatives and grassroots organizers to literary partners as a resource and as a means to regularly inform readers that anti-racism is an ongoing commitment. An Offing team consultant will generate ten months of brief announcements on equity, racism, and literary arts, which we ask you to amplify on your social media, Patreon, and/or newsletters.

Tier 3: Restructure

For mastheads that are predominately white, we invite you to carefully review recent guidance from Hope Wabuke, “20 Questions for Organizations Starting Anti-Racist Work.” We ask that you intentionally and vulnerably reflect on publishing’s role in this nation’s oppressive infrastructure, examine how you might engage with voices beyond your comfort moving forward, and establish transparency regarding what engagement you’ve translated to actionable steps.

Tier 4: Publicly Acknowledge Support for Black Lives Matter

We invite all partners to add a link on their literary website to the Black Lives Matter carrd (https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/) to provide readers access to BLM-endorsed strategies that support change locally and worldwide.

Updated: June 19, 2020


Rumpus original art by Dmitry Samarov.