Getting Word: Black Literature for Black Liberation


Getting Word: Black Literature for Black Liberation was inspired by the calls for support of Black organizations that took place in June 2020, following Black-out Tuesday. One year later, the work still continues.

From Juneteeth until Independence Day, this fundraiser will support the works of Cave Canem, The Hurston/Wright Foundation, The Watering Hole, Obsidian Lit, and Furious Flower Poetry Center. For decades, these legacy organizations have produced some of America’s leading authors and change-makers—Jericho Brown, Claudia Rankine, Danez Smith, and Tayari Jones, amongst others—and have done this important work all while remaining historically under-resourced and underfunded. By working together and sharing resources, these organizations are calling for support that will ensure the longevity of their efforts for generations to come.

This work is a reminder of how literature can be a bridge towards justice; and how fostering and uplifting Black literature and cultural creation empowers us all towards collective liberation. Donate today!