Less angst, more action


This year The Rumpus turns 13, and we’re feeling ALL our growing pains! We want to assert keep our independence, but we also really NEED a good support system. That’s why today we’re officially launching The Rumpus‘s 1st ever Member drive . . .

Become an inaugural member of The Rumpus for $7 a month OR $77 a year. By joining, you truly are helping us build a sustainable future AND getting some extra content, early access, and sweet deals for yourself.

Wondering if you should become a Rumpus member? Here’s a short quiz to help you decide: 

Do you read The Rumpus?

  1. Every damn day.
  2. My favorite columns are Voices of Addiction and Funny Women.
  3. Who are you people?

Do you appreciate small publishers?

  1. Indies all the way, baby!
  2. Of course. 
  3. You mean like how penguins are small?

Do you support fairer pay for writers?

  1. I donate to a mutual aid fund every month.
  2. Yes. Writing is work.
  3. I thought they did it for the exposure.

Want to keep the site paywall free?

  2. I mean, it’s always been free, and I hope it always will be.
  3. Ever heard of an incognito tab? 

Were you filled with existential dread the last time you learned one of your favorite literary publications went under (especially one you’d been planning on someday eventually subscribing to)?

  1. Yes! And I was a subscriber.
  2. Yes.
  3. What’s a literary magazine?

If you answered mostly 1: You didn’t need to take this quiz. You get it. We can’t expect a magically benevolent rich person to help us out. 

If you answered mostly 2: Now is your chance to put your principles into practice!

If you answered mostly 3: You probably ended up on our newsletter list when a leftist friend enrolled you in the hopes of you becoming a better person.

Want to know more about what members receive? Find out here, and hope to see you on the other side.

A big thank you for helping keep The Rumpus going and moving toward sustainability! Help us hit our goal of 500 members by the end of this month, our first step toward our ~*ultimate goal*~ of 3,000 Members. We’ll keep readers updated on our numbers throughout June.

If you’re already a Member or if you are a magically benevolent rich person and you’d like to give to The Rumpus directly, one-time or recurring donations are also greatly appreciated.