The Most-Read Essays of 2022


Essays are all about reflection, and we thought we’d kick off 2023 with a look at the most-read pieces of last year. It can sometimes feel like hours (years) of hard work disappear into the maw of our short attention spans, and these lists serve as important reminders of the work. 

— The Eds.


#1 “Explicit Violence” by Lidia Yuknavitch

From the Archive: Explicit Violence

#2 “Forest” by April Lim



#3 “Another Thing to Chase” by Tracy Morin

Voice On Addiction: Another Thing to Chase


#4 “At the Playground” by Lucas Mann

At the Playground


#5 “Constraints: A Hometown Ode” by Anne P. Beatty

Constraints: A Hometown Ode


#6 “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Allegra Hyde

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW: A Search for Transcendence & Annihilation in New Zealand’s Hippie Paradise 


#7 “The Flowers You Left Us” by Annelise Jolley

The Flowers You Left Us


#8 “Fat Ghost” by Lu Chekowsky

Fat Ghost


#9 “Burning” by Dionne Irving



#10 “Cure for Last Night’s Leftovers” by Monica Prince

Cure for Last Night’s Leftovers