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The Rumpus Interview with Yaa Gyasi


Yaa Gyasi discusses her debut novel Homegoing, growing up in Alabama, the multiplicity of black experiences, the legacy of slavery, and her writing process. ...more

The Conversation

The Conversation: Jayson Smith and A. H. Jerriod Avant


My responsibility is to not be negligent and cause unnecessary harm. To a listener or reader. My allegiance is only to truth. ...more

swans feature

Rumpus Original Fiction: Swans and Other Lies


As she presses against Patterson, she feels her feet softening, losing gravity. He’s embracing her, willing her to disappear, swallowing her. ...more

Love and Loss at the Unclaimed Baggage Center


At Racked, Stephie Grob Plante muses on the melancholy-yet-hopeful experience of shopping at the Unclaimed Baggage Center, a family-run business that sells items from lost luggage that was never reunited with its owner:

So here I am, in Alabama, at the Unclaimed Baggage Center, overcome with wanting to know: when I lost, what did I find?



The Rumpus Interview with Tyler Gartzman


Rapper Tyler Gartzman talks about getting high, hypothetically making out with George Bush, not getting laid since high school, and how a white, Jewish kid in Atlanta became a talented hip-hop wordsmith. ...more

A Different Kind of Courtroom Battle for Harper Lee


Well, this is all rather awkward: Harper Lee, who is now 87 and in an assisted-living facility, is suing the gift shop of a museum in her hometown of Monroeville, Alabama, for trademark infringement.

The museum, “built around a refurbished version of the courtroom” from To Kill A Mockingbird, already got rid of gift-shop items like “Calpurnia’s Cookbook,” but retains other “unlicensed Mockingbird-related merchandise, ranging from T-shirts to tote bags to packages of ‘Mockingbird Lemonade Mix.'”

The whole story highlights a queasy give-and-take between crass commercialization, tradition, and a much-needed source of jobs and revenue in a small town.