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The Rumpus Interview with Joshua Mohr


Joshua Mohr discusses his memoir Sirens, writing for his daughter, and why he values art that trusts its audience. ...more

Joshua Mohr on Recklessness


Joshua Mohr, novelist and San Francisco resident, sits down with HTML Giant’s Weston Cutter to discuss craft, and his newest novel, Fight Song, in this brilliant interview:

As artists, evolution is important. Learning and growing is important. I want to have the kind of career where I give myself permission to explore all kinds of aesthetics and styles.

Fight Song

“Fight Song,” by Joshua Mohr

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Fight Song, Joshua Mohr’s fourth novel, is a suburban picaresque about a character cursed with a name that highlights his own mediocrity and the futility of his efforts: Bob Coffen. In line with the schlubby antiheroes of Sam Lipstye and Gary Shteyngart’s novels, Bob is set in his ways; he is self-loathing but also unable to envision himself as anything but “another half-drunken, lonely, sad, suburban father.”


Weekend Rumpus Roundup


If you were too busy preparing kickass hors d’oeuvres for your Oscars party to read The Rumpus this weekend, we understand, and we’re here to help. Here’s what you missed.

An enchanting comic about an invisible crown by Yumi Sakugawa.

Anisse Gross interviews Joshua Mohr about his latest novel Fight Song and giving every idea, no matter how ridiculous, a chance on the page.