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The Rumpus Interview with Tobias Carroll


Tobias Carroll discusses his newest collection Transitory, the influence of film on his writing, and getting good news at bad times. ...more

At Heaven’s Gates


At the New Yorker, Richard Brody shares a eulogy for director Michael Cimino:

Cimino’s life work is a cinema of mourning, an art of grief, a nightmare of memory that finds its sole redemption in ecstasy—the heightened perception that transforms experience into a grand internal spectacle, which finds its own embodiment in Cimino’s own profound visual imagination.


The Limits of Extreme Beauty: Nicolas Winding Refn and Neon Demon


Daylight here burns up the atmosphere. The dawn of a new day is, in fact, the end of everything. ...more

An Actress Recommends Five Classic Films to Her Child


Surprise is only one of many aspects of human behavior. There are dozens. Maybe even a hundred. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Jeremy Hawkins


Author Jeremy Hawkins discusses his debut novel, The Last Days of Video, the resurgence of the independent bookstore industry, and allowing nostalgia to have presence but not precedence in one’s life. ...more