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FUNNY WOMEN: Other Contenders for 2017’s Word of the Year


Fückit: When you’ve had enough, more than enough, but somehow enough is never enough, and I put wine in my cereal now. ...more

High Fidelity: Anita Raja on Translation


The editors at Asymptote Journal certainly couldn’t have expected Elena Ferrante to be outed when they planned their October 2016 issue, which includes Rebecca Falkoff and Stiliana Milkova’s translation of a 2015 speech given by Anita Raja. In “Translation as a Practice of Acceptance,” Raja argues that “to confront translational difficulty with inventiveness does not mean renouncing one’s devotion to the original.”


The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Song in the Subjunctive


Perhaps the city looked more poignantly lovely because I was conscious of its tragic history. ...more