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The Rumpus Book Club Chat with Samantha Irby


Samantha Irby discusses her new essay collection, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, all that comes along with writing about your life, and reading great horror books. ...more

Names Are Always the First Lock on Any Cage: Talking with Dolan Morgan


Dolan Morgan discusses his latest short story collection, Insignificana, losing his favorite jacket, Internet comments, and the ending of Lost. ...more

A Man’s ABCs of Miscarriage


I once heard the only thing faster than the speed of light is the speed of thought, and I wonder if simply thinking about Sawyer’s sister until my head hurts could get us to the place we fear talking about. ...more

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat with Carmen Giménez Smith


The Rumpus Poetry Book Club chats with Carmen Giménez Smith about her poetry collection Goodbye, Flicker. ...more

BAD MOMMY BLOG: Six Reasons Why The Bad Mommy Will Never Be A Good Socialite


1. Saturday night party/silent auction for a school. Daniel Kim was there, looking around. My husband goes, “Hey, are you lost?”

2. One of the items up for bid was to be the headmaster for a day. In the program this was most unfortunately titled, “Head For a Day.” When this is presented to a table full of drunk people in a context where you’re supposed to be semi-refined and respectful, lewdness ensues.