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FUNNY WOMEN: Other Contenders for 2017’s Word of the Year


Fückit: When you’ve had enough, more than enough, but somehow enough is never enough, and I put wine in my cereal now. ...more

The Inner and Outer Self: A Conversation with Sylvia Brownrigg


Sylvia Brownrigg discusses Pages For Her and returning to its world of characters, the inner voices she heeds and those she silences, and who she imagines her readers to be. ...more

Ambiguity as a Daily Experience: Talking with Jess Arndt


Jess Arndt discusses her debut story collection Large Animals, accepting love from other people, human bodies, and fear of the written word. ...more

Fresh Comics #10: Hot Dog Taste Test


When I started reading this book, I hated it. I thought, this is what happens when an illustrator takes a shot at storytelling. It’s just one drawing after another until you hit the requisite 175 or so pages that equals “book.” I get even grouchier imagining that books like these are dreamed up as a way to re-market previously published short stories, and then padded out with sketchbook drawings.