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The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Dipika Mukherjee


Telling a human story, with individuals experiencing the effects of an actual political issue—that’s my part in shaking the ground. ...more

Writing War From Afar


It was a really big deal for me that a Sri Lankan publisher picked it up. I didn’t grow up there, and I didn’t go through [the war], so there’s always been a question of legitimacy. When I was at the Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation (VONA) workshop in 2011, I had these tremendous concerns: “I’m Sri Lankan, and I’m writing about the war, but I live in America.


The Rumpus Interview with Nayomi Munaweera


Nayomi Munaweera discusses Sri Lanka, its brutal Civil War, and writing a novel about two artists with their identities wrapped up in two different countries, Sri Lanka and America. ...more