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“The Book I Said I Would Never Write”: Talking with Karolina Ramqvist


Karolina Ramqvist discusses The White City, her first novel to be translated to English, and the idea of a writer's persona out in the world versus a just being a writer, writing. ...more

This Week in Indie Bookstores


A Jordanian bookseller opened a 24-hour “Emergency Room for the Mind” that offers life-affirming literature.

One Seattle-area bookstore thinks to the key to success is more competition and is seeking out a neighboring bookstore to open nearby.

Bucharest, Romania is getting two new bookstores.


Vocabulary Lessons in Bucharest


I felt unhinged in my moments of isolation, and frustrated in my muteness. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Used to Be Schwartz


When I told my friend Aharon that my family name used to be Schwartz, he said, “Used to be Schwartz—sounds like a Borscht Belt act.” ...more