Proofs of Concept for Legal Pot Packaging


Print Magazine, anticipating the legalization of pot in the US within 15 years or so, asked four design firms to come up with commercial packaging for marijuana cigarettes.

Strømme Throndsen designed an attractive box that holds 16, with an optional case to carry only the ones you’ll be wanting to consume. The Heads of State designed a better baggie, which would seem to be the most logical approach for actual commercial sale. LUST created a small, garish box using the colors of the Jamaican flag and statistics about the plant.

My favorite response was that of Base, which rejected the premise of the commission by taking re-appropriated Altoids tins, eyeglass cases, and so forth — the kind of things people already use to keep their joints safe — painting them white, and leaving them unbranded because “nobody owns marjijuana.”

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