Politics Sunday


“One in four Americans is employed to protect the rich.”

Here’s an underreported story: Dominicans are coming to the aid of Haitians, despite a less-than-idyllic history between the two countries.

VICE is taking a ton of heat for its treatment of Liberia in “The Vice Guide to Liberia.”

A very cool looking architectural installation that covers an abandoned Detroit home in ice.

Here is what Gitmo looks like.

In an unrelated side note, due to what will forever be referred to as the great hard-drive mounting fiasco of 2010 (really, who decided that hard drives needed to “mount” anything? Couldn’t they have called it something else?), my computer has decided to die on me. Unfortunately, this will be my last post today, but I’ll be back next week with a new computer and a lot less money in my savings account.

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