“Has the Vinyl Revival Gone Too Far?”


A.V. Club contributor Jason Heller places his bets on the (suspected to be short) future of the vinyl revival in this article about the reissue of Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler.

Observing a risky trend in artificial rarities, Heller argues new traditions like Record Store Day are leaning more towards manipulative marketing than celebration of nostalgia. He says of the recent and very expensive reissue of Fleetwood Mac’s classic album:

“Its a fucking record. Seriously, Rumors? I adore it. But when I worked at Wax Trax, I also used to fill our dollar bins with it. Last time I stopped by, they were still there.”

Whether Record Store Day is a nostalgic’s dream, or an earnest collector’s nightmare, head to indie stores April 20th to see what classics are available new.

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