Ted Wilson Reviews the World #219



★★★★ (4 out of 5)

Hello, and welcome to my week-by-week review of everything in the world. Today I am reviewing Super Bowl XLVIII.

Yesterday was the annual Super Bowl. I’m not sure what number it was because I can’t read Roman, but it looks to have been a pretty big number. I’m guessing at least several hundred.

As I don’t watch a lot of football, I had trouble following along. The teams are differentiated by different uniform colors. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for me, because I don’t see colors well. I would have an easier time telling the players apart if I could see their faces but unfortunately they all wear masks and mix together on the field. It’s pretty disorienting. One team could have capes or ride horses. That would make it much easier for me.

What is always my favorite part of the Super Bowl is the live music video that happens in the middle of the game, and yesterday’s was no different. I didn’t recognize the names of the musicians, but it didn’t matter. I was just happy to suddenly be watching people singing and dancing. It made an otherwise kind of exciting moment into something with music in it.

Because singers in the halftime show are never paid for their performances, I always feel a little sorry for them. As someone who writes for free every week, I know how demeaning it can feel to not be paid for your work. Many Super Bowl performers, if you look closely, have a sad look on their face. I think I saw one of them shed a tear yesterday. In turn, I shed one in solidarity.

There were women in the halftime show, and of course there were cheerleaders, but none of the players were women, as far as I could tell. There are some very powerful and independent women out there who could easily play football. Gidget, Punky Brewster, or Beyoncé to name a few. It seems to me that in 2014, women should be running the field right alongside the men.

What was definitely the most exciting part of yesterday’s Super Bowl was the ending when a lot of the people cheered and celebrated. It was like a giant birthday cake covered in sprinkles come to life. I didn’t want to focus on any negativity at such an exciting moment, so I tried to put my fingers over the people who were disappointed that the team they wanted to win had lost. It was like playing Whac-A-Mole but without the aggression.

Please join me next week when I’ll be reviewing Peter Parker.

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