Hello, and welcome to my week-by-week review of everything in the world. Today I am reviewing computerized song files.

One of the new trends of recent years is to listen to computerized song files instead of a cassette or record. These song files are recorded onto a computer and downloaded from the internet. They were invented by Steve Jobs who also invented the Apple computer.

I met a young man working at the department store who has a band and told me they do not have a physical product to sell. No cassettes or records or CDS. Their music is only available as a digital computer song file.

I was very frank with him and said that sounded like a very bad business plan to me. Without a physical product, I would have to listen to his songs while sitting at my computer. And what if I wanted to sell the music at my tag sale? How would that work? I would have to have an empty box labeled “invisible music” and then when someone wanted to buy it I would say it’s inside my house. It would sound like such a scam. My tag sales would get a reputation as being some of the worst in the neighborhood. I’ve worked hard to ensure everyone knows my tag sales are the best; great selection, fair prices, and good conversation. I’m not about to ruin that.

Even though computer song music is popular right now, as technology keeps advancing something new will replace it. Maybe song molecules that listeners can inhale. I’m going to have to ask a scientist of that’s possible and if he or she says yes, then I’m going to patent it. (Please don’t anyone steal my idea.)

While doing research for this review I went to the record store to ask the professionals about computer music files. They did not have any available in the store and suggested I purchase some for my telephone. What? Now songs can call me on my telephone?

I checked with another professional at a different record store and asked point blank if a song can call me on my telephone. She said I could have a song as a ring-song, where when my phone rings it plays a song instead of ringing. That’s not fair to the person calling me. They have to wait for me to finish listening to a song before I pick up the phone. And then I can only listen to music when someone calls. That’s fine for popular people but what about lonely people? They rarely get to enjoy music. Technology sure is isolating people.

Please join me next week when I’ll be reviewing Thomas Edison.

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