Dan Weiss’s Morning Coffee


If you live in California (or Iowa, Montana, South Dakota, New Jersey, or New Mexico) it’s Election Day today. If you happen to live in districts 39, 48, or 49 be extra careful to make sure Democrats don’t get shut out in November (here’s a handy guide from our friends over at Crooked Media). If you live in San Francisco I personally recommend using the League of Pissed Off Voters guide and voting for Mark Leno/Jane Kim in whichever order you prefer. But whatever your political beliefs make sure to vote if you possibly can. If you don’t vote in local and state elections where you can really make a difference then you have no right to complain the rest of the time. We’ll see you on Thursday.

Dan Weiss is a professional bookseller, amateur dilettante. He writes and plays in the band The Yellow Dress. He firmly believes that everything is going to be okay. More from this author →