The Rumpus Top 20 of 2018


With only three days left till we can kiss 2018 goodbye forever and look forward to a new year of great writing and terrible news cycles, we’ve tallied up the traffic, crunched the numbers, and had a few drinks (it’s Friday!).

After you re-read the phenomenal writing that got the most page views, make sure you also check out our editors’ picks for favorite Rumpus writing from 2018, and our comprehensive look back at all the books we’ve reviewed this year.

Without further ado, here are the twenty most-read Rumpus posts of the year!

1. “In the Wake of His Damage” by Shreerekha

2. “Promises” by Whitney Lee

3. “Rivers of Babylon: The Story of a Third Trimester Abortion” by T.S. Mendola

4. “Take The Words ‘Judeo-Christian’ Out Of Your Damn Mouth” by Samuel Ashworth

5. “Why Writing Matters in the Age of Despair” by Lyz Lenz

6. “On Becoming a Person of Color” by Rachel Heng

7. “Just Doing It: A Conversation With Daniel Ortberg” by Rumaan Alam

8. “Come for Me, Katie Roiphe” by Lyz Lenz

9. “ENOUGH: #MeToo and the Cult of Desirability” by Mandy Len Catron

10. “Passing as Privileged” by Lilly Dancyger

11. “ENOUGH: On Junot Diaz From a Survivor” by Alisa Rivera

12. “We Stand with Moira Donegan” by Marisa Siegel

13. “Funny Women: What Does it Mean when a Girl is Quiet” by Mia Mercado

14. “Living Proof: A Review of Wild Wild Country by Hira Bluestone

15. “Naked in Japan” by Jenessa Abrams

16. “Mom Vagina” by Maggie Kim

17. “Everyfolks: An American Marriage by Tayari Jones” reviewed by Zakiya Harris

18. “I Can’t Shake the Guru Bhagwan” by Ronit Feinglass Plank

19. “You Like That, Baby: The Myth of Feminine Mystery” by Jen Corrigan

20. “Rumpus Original Poetry: Two Poems by Safia Elhillo” by Safia Elhillo

Here’s to all the amazing, important work we were privileged to publish this year—including the pieces listed above, and also each and every piece that went up these last twelve months—and here’s to all the amazing, important work that we’ll be sharing with you in 2019. As ever, thank you for reading The Rumpus. We love you!


Rumpus original art by Max Winter.