The Rumpus Top 20 of 2020


With just two days left until we can kiss 2020 goodbye forever and look forward to a new year of great writing and terrible news cycles, we’ve tallied up the traffic, crunched the numbers, and had a few drinks (it’s the holiday season!).

On Thursday morning, we’ll be sharing our editors’ top picks from the past year, and next Tuesday afternoon we’ll share a comprehensive look back at the book reviews we’ve published this year. But first, we wanted to see what you, our beloved readers, found most compelling in the last twelve months.

So, without further ado, here are the twenty most-read Rumpus posts of the year!

1. “A Political Pregnancy” by Jennifer Case

2. “Within the Scope” by Laura Stanfill

3. “Seaweed Soup (Miyuk Gook 미역국)” by Maria T. Allocco

4. “A Story That Won’t Behave: Talking with Molly Wizenberg” by Katie Okamoto

5. “Racism Is a Reboot: Binging Battlestar Galactica at the End of a World” by Franny Choi

6. “ENOUGH: Beautiful Teeth” by Monica Jones

7. “Voices on Addiction: We Love Our Sons, We Raise Our Daughters” by Sophia Shalmiyev

8. “Arrest Record” by Desiree Cooper

9. “Spotlight: The Incredible Adventures of Man Spider” by Dolan Morgan

10. “The News She Does Not Give Him (Everyone Is Killing Us)” by Ada Limón

11. “Rumpus Original Fiction: Footnotes on a Love Story” by K-Ming Chang

12. “A Vocabulary for Apostates” by Daniel Allen Cox

13. “All These Ostriches: A Conversation with R. Eric Thomas” by Samantha Irby

14. “Soft Parts” by Sarah Kasbeer

15. “Rumpus Original Poetry: Two Poems” by Monica Sok

16. “The Lonesome Home: A Conversation with Aria Aber” by Aileen Keown Vaux

17. “Funny Women: Women from the PoV of Male Creative Writing Undergrads” by Shannon Reed

18. “Rumpus Original Fiction: What Happens to Girls” by Rebecca McKanna

19. “When the Healing Place Exploded” by Zaina Hashem Beck

20. “Rumpus Original Poetry: Three Poems” by Delano Burrowes