YA and Your Mom


Author of the recently released novel, Sister Mischief, Laura Goode offers some insight into the fiery world of young adult fiction because as it turns out, “Your Mom Reads More YA Than You.” Twitter is one way mothers reveal themselves as highly visible young adult book consumers, and it’s getting increasingly intense.

There are a lot of adults out there screening what their kids are reading, “requesting galleys, blog-reviewing new books widely, tweeting like gangbusters, and setting trends in the genre.” These adults are the ones controlling YA sales, which happens to be one of the few money-flowing area of all literary genres.

“So, while you may not follow her suggestions on the topics of jeans, how to find a boyfriend, or what is and isn’t acceptable Facebook usage, it may very well be time to ask your mother what she’s reading.”

Sam Riley is an adult who works at McSweeney's. More from this author →